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What is the Big Green Egg Grill

So….what is the Big Green Egg? Have you heard of it? Even if you have, the name may seem a little funny. No matter what you’ve heard, you’re bound to be amazed. This little cooker has big possibilities and looks great too. This kamado style grill is different than the rest and I’ll tell you why.

First off, a kamado style grill is a traditional Japanese cook stove that can be fueled by wood or charcoal. It is a simple cooker that accommodates many cooking options which makes it one of the most versatile grills out there. They are also compact, so they can fit most anywhere you need. Made from ceramic, it may not be what you expect from a grill, but it is guaranteed to deliver nonetheless.

But what makes the Big Green Egg different from the other kamado style grills? Well the Big Green Egg company has been at the Egg game for over four decades. They are the world’s largest producer of kamado style grills and they’ve earned quite the reputation for excellence as well as style. That green glaze makes quite the statement doesn’t it!

Big Green Egg offers exceptional customer service, a variety of perks including various sizes of grills and temperature options. Being a top of the line grill, they also offer numerous accessories that allow you to cook many different kinds of foods. I’m talking pizza, bread, BBQ, rotisserie meats and more. It gives you many options for cooking while also allowing for an easy clean up. Easily maintained, this grill will make you love cooking more than ever before!