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Why Fall Is The Best Time to Buy A Spa?

As many of you know, I’ve been around the hot tub world for a long time and I often get asked by customers what our busiest time of the year is. And yes we do have busy months scattered throughout the year but the busiest season by far for us when it comes to spas has always been the fall.
Now it’s not breaking news that Colorado is an amazing state with some spectacular views and prime weather for the outdoors all year long. But the fall is quite possibly the perfect culmination of abundant sunshine and comfortable temperatures to get outside and make some dreams come true.

This might mean grabbing a shovel and making a temporary spa pad, (which, side note are easy to prepare for and use by the way-I cover that in another article!) or utilizing a professional contractor, now is the time to get prepared for that hot tub so you can start enjoying the cool, crisp autumn evenings that fade into chilly nights with softly falling snowflakes. Both make for prime boiling weather!
Besides the great weather allowing you to get that project done without melting or freezing-let’s get down to the real reason, we’re putting ourselves through this hard labor or (if you’re lucky) just the temporary mess in the backyard.
There is some pretty spectacular hot tubbing to be had on fall evenings in Colorado. Sure, we all picture those snow-capped peaks in the distance and feet of fluffy white snow hugging that bubbling cauldron of fun in the winter-but have you ever watched a sunset or sunrise for that matter in a hot tub with the Aspen leaves changing colors all around you? You need to. How about a backyard tailgate culminating in a game recap from the warm friendly confines of a hot tub? You need to do that too. In a hot tub an orange faced Broncos fan could almost tolerate a conversation with one of those insane barbarian looking Raiders fans. Almost.
Let’s be completely honest, those with of us with kids, we need somewhere to escape the stresses that come every new school year and a place to form battle plans with our partners in life, on how we conquer school drop offs & pick ups, dance classes, football practice, scout meetings, Halloween costumes, volunteering obligations, oh…and don’t even get me started on extended family pouring in the household for Thanksgiving. Every Mom & Dad out there have stress and for our household fall seems to bring the most of them.
I can’t really explain it but something magical happens while soaking in those warm waters and all of those problems gradually distill down and they just don’t feel all that big anymore. Sure they’re not gone, but taking a few minutes and letting our bodies and minds gain a little perspective can do some pretty amazing things. We will definitely be chatting more about that at a later date.
For now, suffice it to say, while I can always find a number of great reasons to pick out a new spa any time of year, or fix an old one up for that matter. For me and my family we would have to say: “NOW IS WHEN YOU SHOULD GET A TUB”.

Boil on friends!