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Hot Tub & Spa Moving Services in Colorado

Equipped with all the necessary vehicles, personnel, and tools to ensure a safe and efficient relocation, Mountain Mist Pool & Spa and Bear Naked Hot Tub Co. are the unrivaled experts in spa delivery, moving, and removal. We take extra precautions to make every move a seamless and hassle-free experience for all of our customers in Northern Colorado, exhibiting creativity while navigating tight spaces and complex environments.


Enjoy These Benefits Of Our Hot Tub Moving Services:

  • 50+ years of combined experience
  • Our cohesive team works quickly and safely, even with large-scale spas and hot tubs
  • We use only industry-approved disposal methods for old, unusable hot tubs
  • Unwavering commitment to our use of best practices
  • Your family’s safety is our top priority

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Hassle-Free Service

Don’t Move Your Hot Tub Yourself

Moving a hot tub is not a simple task — even smaller hot tubs are extremely heavy, and their size makes them difficult to move safely. For this reason, you should always rely on a professional hot tub moving service to transport your hot tub for you.

This is especially true if your hot tub is in a difficult spot to access. We’ve seen hot tubs in all sorts of nooks and crannies, even on a roof or two. No matter how difficult the task appears, Mountain Mist Pool & Spa has the trained technicians and movers with the necessary skills to move your hot tub from where it currently sits. Don’t risk serious injury to yourself or others — call Northern Colorado’s hot tub moving experts in Loveland and Longmont to get the job done safely.


Protect Yourself and Your Property

By trusting a team of professionals to move your hot tub, it’s clear that you don’t want any part of your property or valuable investments damaged. Our moving teams move quickly, efficiently, dexterously, and safely, ensuring that your property is in the same condition before and after the move. We’re here to make moving a hot tub a stress-free experience. After all, hot tubs are meant for relaxation, right? Let us do the complicated parts so you can get back to enjoying your home spa experience.

Schedule Moving or Installation Services

Whether we’re installing a new luxury spa or hot tub, moving your existing spa from one backyard spot to another, taking yours to a new home, or hauling away your outdated and non-functional hot tub, we promise affordable service and unbeatable attention to detail.

Use our convenient online "Contact Us" form on this page to request an appointment for any of our spa moving services in Longmont, Loveland, and the rest of Northern Colorado. A friendly and knowledgeable team member from Mountain Mist Pool & Spa or Bear Naked Hot Tub Co. will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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