Swim Spas

A Gateway to Wellness

What could be better than having all the fitness capabilities of a full-size pool while avoiding the hassles, costs and exhausting maintenance routine that come along with one? Not much; which is exactly why swim spas have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Not only does a swim spa give you the opportunity to swim laps any time of day or night — at your own pace — it requires little in terms of space, water, maintenance and budget.

Swim spas overflow with a number of benefits, including:

  • A convenient, private place to exercise — no more trips to the overcrowded community pool for you. With the ability to set a custom lap speed and jet strength, you can create a workout that works for you.
  • Extended use and portability — When you own a traditional home, if it has a pool, it stays when you move. A swim spa, however, is yours for as long as you want it as it can be easily moved to your next place of residence.
  • Easy installation — Whether you’d prefer your swim spa installed below or above ground, installation is going to be much simpler, quicker, and affordable than any size of traditional swimming pool.
  • Affordable, simple maintenance — the small size of a backyard swim spa means cleaning, repair and water quality are made unquestionably easier.
  • A variety of options — beyond size, installation platform, and water temps, upgrades and options include LED lighting, sound systems, touchscreen controls, and more.

Visit either one of our showrooms in Loveland or Longmont to check out expansive selection of swim spas. Backed by our own in-house quality assurance program, we guarantee the functionality of your purchase, giving you the buying confidence you deserve.

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