A lot of people like the idea of having a hot tub, but have yet to take the plunge and become a proud owner. Let Bear Naked Hot Tub Company in Loveland and Mountain Mist Pool & Spa in Longmont put your hesitancy to bed with some great reasons to make an investment in your family’s health and wellbeing! If you or someone you know needs just a little convincing, we’re going to explore six reasons why owning a hot tub in Loveland could be just the ticket you need to take your back yard to the next level of comfort and relaxation.

Enjoy New Levels of Fun and Relaxation

Maybe you’re reading this after a long day at work, or you’ve spent all day taking care of the house and looking after the kids. You’re dog-tired and would love nothing more than to just relax and soothe away the day’s responsibilities. Now, imagine climbing into a steamy, bubbling hot tub, finding your favorite seat, and kicking on as many as 50 specifically targeted massaging jets of water, like your own personal massage crew. Sounds pretty nice, right? 

Your whole family can enjoy the roar of the jets and the comforting sensation of being immersed in a bubbly, hot oasis. Hot tubs are equal parts deep relief and playful, as you, your family, and your friends all enjoy some good, old-fashioned rest and relaxation. Now, imagine having this option waiting for you at home at the end of every day? That alone has convinced thousands of Coloradoans to invest in a hot tub.

Add a Beautiful Focal Point to Your Back Yard

You don’t have to go far to find a nice backyard in Colorado, but many of them are still missing something — something that adds some functionality to your outdoor space and makes it complete. I think you see where we’re going with this!

A hot tub can create a wonderful focal point for your outdoor space, giving your yard entirely new importance and purpose. Your patio, deck, and landscaping can all be designed to draw you towards a relaxing destination, like taking a little vacation just by stepping out of your back door.

Enjoy Your Time Outside in Comfort

Even having the most beautifully landscaped back yard has its limits in regards to how much time people want to spend inhabiting it. Sometimes you just need one more really good reason to go outside and make use of the backyard that you’ve put a lot of time and energy into. The addition of a hot tub can be an elegant solution. Pretty soon, your problem will be getting people to leave the backyard. Not only will you be getting plenty of use out of your property, but your family will also get to enjoy being outside more often, which helps to create an overall sense of health and wellbeing. 



Soothe Yourself With a Hot Tub’s Therapeutic Function

Remember those dozens of jets we mentioned earlier? Those aren’t just for show! Hot tubs are unbeatable for melting away stress, relieving muscle tension, and can be helpful in easing pain associated with arthritis and joint problems. The stimulation of water jets and bubbling, steamy water can bring with it several potential health benefits, including increased blood circulation and managing aches and pains. Whether you’re coming off of a long day at work, a trip to the gym, or you’ve been working in the garden or garage all day, you can have your own personal therapy bath to wash away the day.

Witness Colorado’s Beauty All Year Long

In Colorado, it’s easy to write off being outside between the months of October and April due to plummeting temperatures. But even in the winter months, Colorado’s natural splendor has a lot to offer and you’re quite possibly missing it! With a hot tub, you can enjoy living in Colorado and spending time in your backyard all year long. If you’ve never had a soak in a hot tub after a snowstorm, you’ve not had the whole Colorado experience! With intuitive temperature control options, you can also enjoy hot tubs during the dog days of summer. Turn it down just a little bit, and you’ve got a relaxing outdoor evening hot tub experience that won’t make you melt. Enjoy summer nights in your hot tub, gazing at the stars with your sweetheart, and being thankful for this beautiful state we live in.

Hot Tubs Are More Affordable Than Ever

At Bear Naked Hot Tub Company in Loveland or our sister location Mountain Mist Pool & Spa in Longmont, there’s an affordable hot tub option for just about every budget. Stop by either of our showrooms and a friendly hot tub specialist will help you find the perfect hot tub for your home and budget. A new level of fun and relaxation is waiting for you! Visit us today.

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